Yolda / Onderweg / En route

A construction site, a roaring sea and raindrops

Today I attended the rehearsal of Karen Willems (drums), Stijn Dickel (guitar, electronics), Barkin Engin (guitar, electronics) and Burak Tamer (guitar, electronics) in their studio at the university. Both Burak and Barkin teach sonology there.

It was amazing to witness their process of making music. Stijn and Karen on the one hand and Burak and Barkin on the other had been exchanging field recordings of the respective cities (Ghent and Istanbul) before they met. They now use these field recordings as a layer in their instrumental improvisations. You can hear the noises of a construction site, a roaring sea, raindrops next to the sound of a band playing something like post rock music. It’s quite impressive.

The piece I listened to had a nice dynamic: some parts were pretty dense, others felt almost dreamlike. After each listening of the recorded material the group thoroughly discusses what should be altered and how the final piece needs to be structured. It sounds good to me.

Text by Wim Wabbes, artistic director of Handelsbeurs Concertzaal and cofounder of Istanbul Ekspres