Yolda / Onderweg / En route

Let’s go get lost

We had a couple of hours to explore the city before starting our trip from Sofia to Belgrade. When we arrived the day before in the evening we could only get a hasty impression, so it was nice to walk around the city during day time as well. We met for breakfast, but we all went our separate ways afterwards. In a big church in the town centre we coincidentally met; Stijn recorded some sounds and together we went back to the hotel to get our luggage and to hit the road again.


The trip to Serbia, along picturesque villages and vineyards, was absolutely wonderful. On the road we were listening to the matching sound of the Istanbul recordings. The overall conceptual and musical structure of their collaboration has been defined, now they are focusing on the details. While traveling they found the chance to discuss and share ideas. In the late afternoon we arrived in Belgrade, had some food and an obligatory raki. Now we are getting ready to start our trip to Ljubljana, approximately 530 kilometres from here.



This text is written by Ulas Salgam, agent and manager of cutting edge avant-garde, rock, jazz bands from Turkey & Europe