Yolda / Onderweg / En route

Our meeting with Eduardo Raon in Ljubljana

We were not in a hurry to leave Belgrade for Ljubljana but we did leave quite early anyway. Attila and Galip prefer to drive during the daytime. We’ve been listening to Turkish psychedelic sounds from the 60’s and 70’s and all had a great time. Stijn and Karen were surprised to discover surf and garage influences in Turkish music as well whereas our driver Attila was content for the first time with this music that sounded so familiar to him. In Zagreb we stopped for a delicious and cheap dinner that gave us much needed energy. We found the wine bottles that Galip took from Belgium to Turkey and eventually finished them on our way to Ljubljana. We arrived quite late on our destination and after those wines we had, everyone decided to go to bed early. Tomorrow is the big day where the musicians meet with Eduardo Raon who will donate a song.Group 2

In the morning, Viktor came to pick up the musicians. Our partner in Ljubljana is Cankarjev Dom;- Bogdan Benigar – who is an old friend of mine – works there. It was wonderful to see him again. When the musicians were rehearsing at the Stih Hall in Cankarjev Dom, I had the chance to stroll around in the beautiful city. Afterwards we decided to join the rehearsal which made us even more curious about the concert. They met with Eduardo and adapted the song to the pieces that they’d already made. In the evening, Bogdan invited us and Eduardo to a pizzeria at the centre where we had a delicious dinner.

Rehearsal in Ljubljana

Unfortunately we don’t have the time to explore the city a little bit more. We urgently need to hit the road, since we have an 8 hour drive to Frankfurt, where we will stay tonight.