Yolda / Onderweg / En route

The longest stretch: Ljubljana – Ghent

Ljubljana – Ghent was the longest stretch on our route so we decided to stop in a village called Hösbach. Our van ran a little bit late since all smokers were traveling with. The others were a bit nervous and started wondering what happened to us. Not one of us heard his/her phone, while enjoying the music and the road in the evening. 15 minutes later than our colleagues we eventually arrived.

The typical German village was surrounded by woods and silence. One of the best ways to get to know a country is by tasting its local cuisine: again we had a gorgeous dinner. The night ended by finishing the last of Attilas raki. We said goodnight to meet in the morning for a small interview and sadly, the very last part of our trip.

After a small bite for breakfast we started to drive to Ghent, our final destination. In the evening we met with the other groups and Wim (Wabbes, artistic director) at De Handelsbeurs. It was great to see everyone and share our stories.

At this moment we’re rehearsing for our concert on the 8th at De Centrale. It’s still hard to believe that we are actually here…

Group 2 in Germany

In Hösbach, Germany

This text is written by Ulas Salgam, agent and manager of cutting edge avant-garde, rock, jazz bands from Turkey & Europe