Yolda / Onderweg / En route

Yolda / Onderweg / En Route

In October 2014, the Yolda project started. From the 31st of October till the 3rd of November, the three selected groups of musicians travelled to Ghent. First they met for a short stay in Istanbul and Izmir. Two groups then took off on trains along different routes, and one group travelled by car. On their way, they were to stop in a major city where they would meet up with a migrant musician who would give them a song – a gift song. The songs they learned became part of the Yolda repertoire as they were travelling along the road.

This is the trajectory of each group:

Travel Routes - Yolda

As for the research facet of this project, the musicians were asked what international collaborations had added to their careers, and what the process of travelling with Yolda had meant to them. Their thoughts and experiences, together with an insight in organising this project are collected in the publication Yolda / Onderweg / En Route.


© Handelsbeurs Concert Hall, September 2015

Project Yolda was a collaboration between Handelsbeurs Concert Hall and De Centrale, Izmir European Jazz festival, Bucharest Jazz festival and Druga Godba (Ljubljana). It was sponsored by the Ghent City Council, the Community of Flanders, Europe Jazz Network and the City of Beyoglu/Istanbul within the framework of the Istanbul Ekspres Festival (2014).

Thank you Marieke Baele and Lobke Aelbrecht, for all the hard work on translating the interviews, diary posts etc. and dianaboys for the marvelous graphic design.





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